Sexual Harassment Training

The State Officials and Employees Ethics Act, enacted in 2003 by the General Assembly of the state of Illinois, requires each officer and employee of all state agencies and universities to complete an annual sexual harassment training. The sexual harassment training requirement began in 2018. The Ethics Act currently requires that employees be trained on an annual basis and new employees must be trained within 30 days of initial hire.  Annual training is mandatory for all employees and the platform for completing annual training may vary depending on your location.


Failure to complete this training constitutes a violation of the Ethics Act and could result in possible administrative fines and, when applicable, employee disciplinary action.


Current Sexual Harassment Training


The current training, required by the Ethics Act, can be located by clicking the appropriate link below:

Please note, this training is IN ADDITION to the federally required "Preventing Discrimination and Sexual violence" training program.


Contact Information


If you have any questions regarding this training, please contact your Title IX Coordinator:

For more information regarding sexual harassment please use the following links:


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